The Hardest Thing We Can Do

Why God Has to Call People into Ministry

The billboard alongside the interstate informs motorists that "The Marines don't take applications. Just commitments." My dad used to tell me that to join his men's organization, no one could volunteer or apply for membership. They had to be invited by a member.

I've racked my brain, trying to think of an instance in Scripture of a person volunteering for the ministry. I can't think of a one. But the accounts of people being called and recruited, singled out and summoned, convinced and sent, are numerous.

Abraham lived in Haran with his family when God called him to go to a distant, unknown land "which I will show you." Moses was herding sheep on the back side of Horeb when the Lord fingered him to confront Pharaoh. Amos was gathering sycamore-figs and keeping sheep. David was in the fields with his flocks. Gideon was threshing wheat in a winepress. Isaiah seems to have been in the temple worshiping.

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