"Clap Your Hands, All Peoples" Continued

Worship and the Church - Part 6

This is the sixth article in a series on worship. Previous articles have defined worship as ascribing supreme worth to God, something that touches all of life, but for the purposes of this series, our focus has been on corporate worship as the body of Christ.

We've said that our corporate worship must be Trinitarian, worshipping God as He has revealed Himself: Father, Son, and Spirit. It must be Word-saturated, so that the content of our worship teaches us, by Scripture, who God is and what He has done. And we've said that our worship must be Gospel-centered, focused on the incredible truth that even when we were lost in sin, God reached down to us and brought us to Himself through Jesus' death on the cross.

We've looked at the role of music in worship, and have seen that that God wants our worship to be creative, to sing His praise with a variety of music, new, old, vocal, and instrumental, and He wants our worship to be marked by excellence. And finally, we've said that our music should be filled with God-honoring emotion, and that such emotion is often expressed in Scripture physically, the focus of the previous article. We saw that God created our bodies to glorify Him, and that the Bible says quite a lot about expressing our praise physically, including singing, playing instruments, bowing, raising hands, clapping, shouting and silence, dancing and standing still.  

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