The View from Around the Internet

Thanks to the instant exchanges made possible by the internet, we can "publish" great material from many different sources simply by linking you to their sites. Here are some "quick hits" from around the Christian world this week:

Tim Challies breaks down a journal by D.A. Carson on the use (or misuse) of Matthew chapter 18 in conflict resolution. Tim adds his own thoughts about the ways the internet and its quick spread of information and insults plays into the discussion: Click Here.

Thabiti Anyabwile takes a thoughtful look at the practice of the altar call in our churches: Click Here.

Doug Wilson offers seven thoughts on last week's assassination of Osama Bin Laden: Click Here.

Kevin DeYoung asks why Christian colleges don't celebrate the work of mothers as deliberately or enthusiastically as the accomplishments of their other graduates: Click Here

Finally, The Independent features an interesting piece on Christian bankers in London's world of high finance. While from a secular viewpoint, it makes some interesting observations: Click Here.

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