Speaking the Truth in Love


I am convinced that "speaking the truth in love" (Eph. 4:15) is a powerful connection that we often do not understand. Because we do not understand it, we often do not obey it. As counselors, if we miss this, we can become unbalanced in our approach as we attempt to help others.

Speaking the truth in love does not mean that we compromise the truth nor does it mean we speak without the power of love. Speaking the truth in love is the way we should relate to each other as Christians. Truth and love do not contradict each other. They, in fact, fit together.

The truth gives us a moral standard to uphold. It is good and it gives direction to our lives. Jesus Christ is the truth. His Word is truth. Truth is also found in the laws God has created that operate in His universe. Dishonesty and lying are enemies of the truth and distortions of spiritual reality. Truth should be our companion. When we speak we should tell the truth. But how we tell the truth is a significant key. 

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