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Texas Mother Refuses Abortion, Gives Birth to Nation's First All-Female Quintuplets
A mother who refused doctors' advice to undergo selective abortion gave birth to the nation's first all-female quintuplets last week. 

Doctors told Adam and Danielle Busby that three of the couple's babies should be aborted to ensure the health of the remaining two. The Christian couple refused, believing that God intended for all five girls to survive. 

The baby girls were born at 28 weeks weighing between two pounds and two pounds, six ounces. All of the babies are healthy, only requiring "modest support" to breathe, USA Today reports. 

On the family's GoFundMe page, they wrote, "Never would we have imagined the plan that God had for us in our journey to grow our little family." 

Following the delivery, Danielle Busby expressed her gratitude to God in a press release. "We are so thankful and blessed. I honestly give all the credit to my God. I am so thankful for this wonderful hospital and team of people here. They truly all are amazing," she said. 

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Thousands Attend Funeral of Pakistani Christian Boy Set on Fire for Christian Faith
Approximately 2,000 people attended the funeral of Nauman Masih, a Pakistani Christian boy who was attacked and set on fire for his Christian faith. 

Masih, 15, was outside the tailor's shop where he worked when he attacked by two Muslim men. The attackers beat him and poured lighter fluid on him before setting him on fire, Christian Today reports.

Doctors said that Masih suffered burns on 55 percent of his body. He died April 15 after saying he forgave the men who attacked him. Pakistani authorities have not pursued the case to determine the identities of the attackers. 

British Pakistani Christian Association chairman Wilson Chowdhry said, "Nauman was brave throughout his pain and spoke of forgiveness for his attackers. He dies a martyr and will no doubt be with the Lord today. Please pray for his family who have had to endure days of extreme heartache and can expect little justice."

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Indiana Pizzeria Will Reopen after Receiving $800,000 from Donors
An Indiana pizzeria will reopen its doors after receiving $800,000 in donations. Memories Pizza in Walkerton recently closed after owner Crystal O'Connor stated that the restaurant would not cater same-sex weddings. 

Charisma News reports O'Connor and the company received threats after making the statement and police were forced to heighten security in the area. 

Supporters backing the O'Connor family raised $800,000 so that Memories Pizza would reopen its doors. 

O'Connor told the Daily Mail, "I wasn't trying to score points. It is something I believe in from my heart and my faith about gay weddings. But I don't regret what I said. I have been scared, but God is giving me strength. I think it is nothing compared to what Christ had to suffer." 

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Garissa Student Leader Urges Prayer for Survivors of Al-Shabab Attack
The chairman of Garissa University College's Christian Union, who survived the April 2 Al Shabab attack in which 148 students were killed, has pleaded for prayer for the physical and psychological healing of survivors.

"Please pray for us. Many saw sights too horrible to describe," said 21-year-old Frederick Gitonga. "Pray for me too. I need peace of mind, strength and wisdom. I am struggling with dreams that cause me to snap awake, then [I] cannot get back to sleep. I find myself remembering the horror of that day. The sounds and smells come back clearly."

Gitonga explained how he had been up late the night before the attack, praying for one of the students under his care, that they would be able to truly forgive someone a wrong. The next morning, that student was dead, along with the other 21 Christian Union (CU) members who had attended early morning prayers.

Gitonga said the only reason he is still alive is because he had felt too tired after his late night to join in with prayers that morning. Instead, he decided to go back to sleep, only to wake to the sound of gunshots.

"I praise God that some survived, many in truly miraculous ways. However, we are deeply traumatized, broken and in need of much prayer. At the same time we are trying to help fellow students who seek comfort and support from us.

"It's so painful to see people you know butchered like cows. They died for confessing Christ, but I put it to you. Who will stand up and say enough is enough?"

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Two Catholic Colleges Are Being Forced to Cover Abortions in California
Two Catholic academic institutions in California have been told by the state government that their healthcare programs must cover abortions.

Loyola Marymount University and Santa Clara University were initially given reprieve from being forced to pay for abortions as part of their insurance policies, however, the earlier decision was reversed.

In a letter sent out last month, California's Department of Managed Health Care concluded that "it erroneously approved or did not object to such discriminatory language in some evidence of coverage filings." "The purpose of this letter is to remind plans that the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act of 1975 (Knox Keene Act) requires the provision of basic healthcare services," continued the DMHC letter. "the California Constitution prohibits health plans from discriminating against women who choose to terminate a pregnancy. Thus, all health plans must treat maternity services and legal abortion neutrally."

Before the Aug. 22 letter, California allowed for insurance companies to provide plans to the two Catholic universities that limited the types of abortions that could be covered.

"Insurance coverage for abortion is not mandated by the federal healthcare law. But California guarantees abortion, both by statute and by privacy protections, in the state Constitution," reported Bob Egelko of the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Until the current controversy arose, insurers in California had treated all abortions sought by women in their health plans as medically necessary," Egelko added.

The DMHC position considers all abortions, regardless of reason, to be "medically necessary" and thus a procedure that should be covered by insurance companies.

In response to the DMHC letter, the Life Legal Defense Foundation and the Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter of protest to the change.

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